Dott. Migliozzi’s Protocol

Balance and health from the first treatment

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Through an holistic approach, Dr. Migliozzi searches for the causes of the ailments and can treats even the most serious sufferings in a few sessions.

The holistic approach considers the organism as a functional unit to establish and maintain homeostasis and psycho-physical well-being and lasting health.

Dr. Migliozzi with his manual experience can restore the natural physiological order and activate the self-healing forces that the body possesses,

this is a valid prevention and decrease of relapses.

The treatment protocol of Dr. Migliozzi in chronic diseases can have a decongestant effect and helps eliminate toxins from the tissues, improving the therapeutic

efficacy of other pharmacological, phytotherapy or homeopathic treatments as well.


What can cause cervical vertebrae stiffness? Many disorders such as myotensive headaches, dizziness, tinnitus, poor concentration, but also poor digestion, states of anxiety and excessive stress, can result from a postural disorder of the first cervical vertebrae. An accurate analysis of the atlas movements is essential to apply the technique of realignment and muscle balancing that has a rapid effect.

Non-invasive treatment with a Dott. Migliozzi’s protocol could be applied to the vertebrae of the spine, a gentle and effective manual technique. To treat one or more of these symptoms, and no pathology has been found, most likely there is a vagus nerve disorder and this treatment could be useful to you. Particularly if this nerve is inflamed at the level of the neck it can give sleep apnea, disturbed sleep and snoring, or difficulty in swallowing as it innervates the levator palatal veil muscle. In the presence of a feeling of a lump in the throat, especially when you are in an anxious state, hoarseness or shrill voice with frequent inflammation of the vocal cords and gastroesophageal reflux.



To understand the previus postural imbalance we use a special electronic platform called baropodometric examination. With this postural examination we can find out where the specific area of tenderness foot is located. Then we proceed with the physical examination and, if necessary, we customize a new dynamic insole to give a very effective postural rehabilitation.

As soon as it is put it gives relief and well-being from the first steps, because it can be effective in many foot pains such as heel spurs, fasciitis, metatarsalgia including Morton’s syndrome and painful hallux valgus. It can alleviate many column pains such as sciatalgia, back pain, cervical pain from incorrect posture. It can relieve swollen legs and lymphatic and venous congestion of the ankle and foot.

You can wear it with your favorite shoes because it is very thin  and lifts the painful areas






During the session an immediate therapeutic sound reduction response will indicate the effectiveness of the new manual treatment.

If annoying whistles, hums and puffs limit your lifestyle or damage your rest and sleep, in a session you will find out if Dott. Migliozzi’s protocol works on you.