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I am the Director of the courses of the S.I.O. Padua. I have been teaching Osteopathy since 1989, I founded the Italian Academy of Osteopathy as President and I contributed “to the birth” of the first Italian osteopaths, which we could define as the first generation here in Italy.

1997 was the golden year of Osteopathy in our country: there was a lot of excitement among doctors and physio, and a great desire to study a new way of treatment with the hands on only. The Academy of Padua from cultural association for diffusion, knowledge and practice, evolved into a real training school, so we established the Italian School of Osteopathy with emphasis on clinical practice following the original philosophy of Dr. Still.

For 24 years, until 2013, many British teachers and from the most prestigious universities in the United States have contributed with their lessons to the dissemination of osteopathy in Italy and the training of hundreds of Italian osteopaths (http: //www.osteopatia. en / archive-sio /).

This is history! After many years of unnecessary meetings and commissions, our energies exhausted by the repeated turnarounds of Italian government institutions, until the DDL Lorenzin of that distant Friday 22 December 2017, which in fact until today the year 2020, do not give proper recognition to osteopaths, enumerating the practice of osteopathy only for well-being, that is, under Italian law, doing osteopathy is not a health act.

So be careful! Anyone wishing to undertake the study of Osteopathy here must be tough, combative, passionate, selfless, scholar, but also a believer and supporter of a new holistic mind-body medicine, at the service of the human being.

Your first patient is yourself! This is the teaching of Dr. Still, our founder of this ancient and modern medicine which has its roots in Hippocratic thought. Now, since 2013 we have used technology for continuous physical distance training but more present with live lessons and practice in study groups. This is evolution, the future of individual growth is in the ether ….

With this course I would like to convey to you the charm of healing with your hands, discovering the dynamics of living tissues with you, and how the human body possesses great healing power. Hippocrates instructed his disciples by saying: “indulge the physician of nature”, by refining those innate perceptive qualities in each of you, you reach the right technique. With the study and introspection of the materia medica, one acquires mastery and then the mastery of the vital essence and how to orient it “form in body structures”.

I would like to convey to you a multitude of concepts that you may not have perceived before. If you feel ready – I’m here. If you want to wait, know that it all comes back.

And with this wish I greet you wishing you a good life!

Prof. Dott. Franco Migliozzi D.O.

Italian School of Osteopathy

S.I.O. Founder 1989